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Take the 30 Day Challenge with Me


 Do you wish you had time to just be still? One hour of your life you're not rushing from one thing to another or juggling three things at once? Do you long to appreciate the simple joys adult conversation, an uninterrupted bath, or even a date night?

So many moms do. Here's the thing. These same moms want to experience all these things without sacrificing a deep connection with their children.

Have you had these thoughts before?

"When she's a toddler, I will be able to let go a little more."

"When he starts kindergarten, I'll pursue that hobby I've been wanting to try."

"When he is in middle school, I'll have more time to read that novel."

But the years go by, and you still have not taken time to do things that make you happy! You have not made time to care for yourself so you can be the happy, relaxed and fun mom you want to be.

And it’s all because you feel guilty.



How long have you been letting your guilt hold you back from the life you deserve?


We think that being a perfect mom, making the cutest snacks, having a trendy wardrobe, and ensuring our children participate in every extracurricular activity is going to make you happy. The truth is...that alone will never make you happy. You will always come up short when you attach your happiness to what others think. Or hinging happiness on someone else's idea of a happy life.


Are you tired of living in constant guilt for not being everything to everyone? It is time for you to invest all that energy you are wasting on worrying about what others think in the things that matter most.


If you are ready to take action, join us in the 30 Day "Less Guilt More Happy" challenge. Sign up here to get on the waitlist and be the first to know when the challenge begins.




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